The Council of Europe’s official monitoring body for the convention on combating trafficking (GRETA) recommended in 2016 that the British Government should put support for victims into law. It also recommended that the Government should take steps to ensure all victims are provided with support and assistance beyond the initial period of care while authorities decided if a person is a victim.

The US State Department Trafficking in Persons Report 2017 includes a recommendation for the British Government to consider extending the period for which victims get support, including providing a specific immigration option for victims of trafficking.

The Work and Pensions Select Committee in the House of Commons recommended in April 2017 that “all confirmed victims of modern slavery be given at least one year’s leave to remain with recourse to benefits and services…“this would allow time for victims to receive advice and support, and give them time to plan their next steps. This would not prevent those who wish to return home from doing so.”


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